Question My monitor goes black and then my PC restarts

Apr 29, 2021
(Sorry for my English)

This happens sometimes and it's very annoying problem. Most of the time it happens is when I play CS GO and listen to Spotify. My monitor will become black but I am still able to hear everything. After some seconds the audio crashes (idk if it's the correct word) and my PC restarts. Then I receive a message "Default Radeon WattMan settings has been restored due to unexpected system failure".

My PC :

Windows 10
Acer KG241 monitor with display port
AMD Ryzen 5 3600Х 4.4GHz
Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240
MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX
16GB (2X8GB) Patriot Viper Blackout 3200Mhz, DDR4
SSD ADATA SX8200 Pro 256GB M2 2280 NVMe
1TB Toshiba 7200rpm HDD
MSI Radeon RX 5700 EVOKE GP 8GB,256bit,GDDR6
Seasonic S12III 650 SSR-650GB3 (650W) 80+ Bronzе PSU
PHANTEKS Eclipse P350X

There are some things that I feel necessary to point. The first thing is that there were some problems with my GPU and it was sent for warranty service. The man that built the PC did not tell me the problem with the videocard and it wasn't written in the warranty card. I only remember that when the GPU had problems it crashed the PC every 5 minutes and it struggled on the benchmarks. When the black screen and restarts occured I gave my PC to this man again to test it. He told me that he ran for 2 or 3 days benchmarks and that he haven't seen any problems.

The second thing is that I don't get blue screens and I don't have issues with temperatures which are often around 50 °Celsius. I haven't done any overclocks either.

The third thing is that sometimes (rarely) I receive driver timeouts. This and the initial problems with my GPU are the reasons to think that the problem is GPU related.

There is also a fourth thing and that is one friend of mine who bought the same monitor as mine told me that the included DP cable started making him problems and eventually broke and that he had to replace it with new. However I don't think that for mine case this causes the problem

I will be very happy if somebody is able to help me to fix the problem or atleast find the cause


Jan 24, 2021
Could be drivers or PSU, first reinstall drivers.

There's a way to prevent Tdr (timeout) issues, involves editing/adding some keys to the registry, but you shouldn't need to do this if you're running the card at stock clocks/voltages.