My monitor goes crazy if there's any blue color displayed

Jan 29, 2019
My monitor samsung model 2333swplus

I have been using it for some time now but suddenly one day the screen went crazy .. any momment there's a blue color in display the screen glitches and even go completly black tell I move away from that color.

with time I bypassed that with playing with the monitor RGB settings (decreasing the BLUE value to other colors) of course that made the screen look pink but I had no other option.

I tried to change the caples with completly new ones , changed the display port I use from DVI to VGA , changed the Graphics card with another one, used the motherboard built in graphics card, even used the monitor as a TV with a satalite reciever and HDMI converter.
it's all the same with the blue color ... once it's on the screen it goes crazy until it's gone

on thing I noticed is that this problem happens more in winter and in cold weather, in summer and after prolonged usage of the display it happens way less and even disappears

I don't know if it's allowed or not but here's a video of the problem in action
I'm opening a saved web page all in blue to demonstrate the problem

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