Question My monitor has a weird color shift whenever there is motion

Jan 27, 2023
I changed the frame rate on my monitor to 144hz and after I did that all motion regardless on content and games has a weird afterglow affect whenever there is moderate motion, if its a still frame there are no issues.
First i changed the display to 144hz from 60 and noticed the issues
I turned it back down to 100hz and the issues got worse
changed it to 60 and it was even worse
restarted my pc and it wasnt as bad but i cant play games or do anything that has moderate to fast motion on it for more than an hour or 2 without getting a headache
is there anyway to fix it or is my monitor just busted
I have an Omen HP 25 monitor that is several years old, and i have another monitor that works perfectly fine and have tried swapping out the display ports for a different one.