Question My monitor is receiving input signals but does not output

Feb 23, 2019
Recently my monitor failed to give out the display after I tried to unplug its power and then plug it back in. Since then I have tried different cables and 2 different outputs being a DVI-D and D-SUB of the monitor with a ps3, a dvd player, and my old pc, yet all that comes up is a little message in the display which comes up when it detects something powering on but its not sending anything, similar to if i were to plug the monitor into the pc whilst it was switched off, the message will pop up but since theres no output from the pc, the monitor goes back to being asleep. I honestly have no clue as what to do since I didnt yank the power cord or anything. All suggestions welcome. Ive had this monitor for about 4 years and it's a 22" 1080p 60hz from iiyama, right now im using a spare tv which is outputting from the pc just fine.
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