Question My monitor is suddenly acting up and loses signal when I start the PC


Dec 12, 2019
I have this PC for a year and the monitor for more than that, and it was all working fine until today when I tried turning the pc on and the monitor lost the signal as soon as Windows was about to start and all I get is a black screen (the pc continues to work). I have to power the PC off (by pressing the button for a few seconds) and then turn it back on and sometimes it fixes it, other times I have to do it a second time before it finally works. This also happens if the PC is sleeping and I wake it back up. No image, when before it was working fine.

I didn't change anything on my PC nor did I install anything new for this to happen, at least not in the last few days that would explain the sudden problem.

Ryzen 5 2600
RX 580 8gb
Gigabyte B450M DS3H

Windows 10 Pro
22kd hp monitor

My monitor has a DVI cable that I bought 1 year ago (doesn't have HDMI).

I don't have another PC, cable or monitor to try and see if the problem persists, so I'm wondering if I can do anything else before I go out and buy a new monitor or cable.

Also, worth noting that when I tried taking off and putting the DVI cable back on and switch it around, I got the message that the DVI cable was active (when before was inactive) but I was still not getting any image. Is it possible the problem is in fact the cable?
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