Question My monitor is SUPER SMOOTH but not that responsive?

Jan 7, 2019
Hello everyone.

I just received my new monitor the Benq xl2536 and for some reason it is not that responsive but ULTRA SMOOTH?

I was previously using the rl2455 60hz and that of course was only 60hz and has a lot of screen tearing but it felt way more responsive?
I have reinstalled my graphics drivers, turned off v sync, chosen the right settings on the monitor, playing with displayport and it still is like this? It is like there is some kind of smoothing preventeing it from being responsive.
Is it a problem of the monitor? could it be my graphics card? i dont know :(
i previously had the xl2411 and it had the same issue so i dont think it is the monitor. But then again i have a 60hz monitor feeling WAY more responsive.

Is there any way to check if there''s some smoothing on the monitor or some smoothing setting on my graphics card?

GTX 1060 6gb
ryzen 5 2600
16 gb 3200mhz c16
asrock b450m pro 4 mobo
a 500w fsp power supply

Thanks for the help! :)