Question My monitor keeps losing signal when I connect a secondary monitor.


Nov 24, 2015
So until a couple of months ago, I was using a tv for my main monitor(HDMI) and a Dell E2416H(DispayPort) computer monitor to serve as the second screen. Then Amazon Prime Day came along and I decided to invest in a better primary monitor which would become the "ViewSonic XG2702 27 Inch". I have the Viewsonic connected via HDMI and the Dell connect via DisplayPort. I know the Viewsonic should take the DisplayPort but the Dell only has DP/VGA support. When I got things set up I noticed I couldn't keep both monitors working. I don't know what I did but the next day I kept connecting/reconnecting and I got them to both stay on. They both were working for about 3 weeks and im back to the problem. Something I noticed is that if I disconnect the Dell, the Viewsonic will turn on; and if I disconnect the Viewsonic, the Dell turns on. But if the Dell is always dominant so if I connect the Dell when the Viewsonic display is on, it will shut off after "no signal" and the Dell monitor takes the role of the only monitor. What is going on? Is this issue concerning my graphics card not being able to handle 2 computer monitors? I never had an issue with my old setup (tv/monitor).

Graphics Card: XFX Radeon R9 390 DirectX 12 R9-390P-8256 8GB
Primary Monitor: ViewSonic XG2702
Secondary Monitor: Dell E2416H

Things I've tried:
  • Reinstall graphics driver
  • Make sure XG2702 driver was installed
  • Make sure E2416H driver was installed
When I uninstalled the graphics driver, I notice that the Viewsonic duplicated everything I did on the Dell. I know that the Dell was being duplicated because on "screen resolution", the Dell was only being detected.

Please let me know if I should trying something else out, or to reinstall something. Maybe im installing the wrong software.