My Monitor loses signal when playing games, but only late at night.


Jun 20, 2014
So basically, I could play games all day long, and I never have any problems with my games causing my monitor to lose signal. But when I play games after 1am, my monitor constantly loses signal for no reason and I have to restart my computer. In the past couple of weeks, this has happened playing Dying Light 2, The Last of Us, Gears 5, and Spiderman Remastered. Some days, I'll play games 6 hours straight and they never crash once, but once 1am rolls around, they literally crash every 5 minutes.

Last night, I was playing TLOS and I played for an hour with no problem. Then I got to the next level - The Hunt, and the game crashed 3 times on me at the same point. Now I thought maybe it was a TLOU bug, because they have had lots of problems on PC. But today I woke up, and played an hour from the same point, and the game never crashed once. I've been playing a lot of Dying Light 2 the last few weeks ever since it came out with the latest update. I'll play 3-4 hours straight without a crash, but once 1am rolls around, I get crashes every 5-10 minutes. Don't know why.

Last night after the TLOU crashed 3 straight times, I started up Gears 5. It ran great for about 10 minutes, then crashed. I've never had a crash on Gears 5 before.

My specs:
13900k oc to 5.5GHz
MSI Suprim X 3080 ti, no oc
32GB Corsair Dominator 6200 DDR5
Asus Maximus Z690 Formula Motherboard
EK Waterblock for both CPU and GPU
Corsair RM850x psu
BENQ EX3203R Monitor
Several SSDs

I'm not sure what else to do about this problem unless I just stop playing games after 1am. This only starts around that time. I don't know the exact time, but I always check my phone when it happens and it never happens before then. All my games are maxed out when I play, but that doesn't have any effect when I'm playing 6 hours straight. Last night, I didn't start playing any games until about 11:30pm.

Anyone have any ideas???


Are you sure Windows Update isn't trying to do it's thing? Turning off the power while Windows Update is running, isn't a very clever thing to do. You could end up corrupting your Windows installation. Windows Update will also continue to try to apply the update every night until you allow it to finish. If you keep interrupting it by powering down, for long enough, you're pretty much guaranteeing that Windows will have to be reinstalled at some point.
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