My motherboard does not recognize my two hard drives

Jul 22, 2018
Hey! Yesterday I opened my computer and I connected an old hard drive, and when I turn on it it shows me some 2.2tb thing and then it shows a message like "No boot device". I tried with two hard drives and the pc doesn't recognize any of them. I checked the sata and power cables by connecting them to the cd/DVD and the computer recognizes it, but don't recognize the hard drives.

I have a five years old motherboard MSI 760gm-p23, a same old prossessor AMD FX 6100 (such a bad cpu), 12gb of ram (one of the old 4gb sticks and one 8gb stick I took out of my newer damaged pc and a GPU GTX 750. All of these components worked fine until I added the other hard drive.
SOme older PCs might have old BIOS versions, and not be able to recognize some of the larger, more modern hard drives; if you are sure the hard drives in question are functional, you can investigate a possible BIOS reflash...

Connect one hard drive at a time, using known good SATA cables, and, make sure the computer is not trying to boot from the new device instead of original in the BIOS...; if you connect a new hard drive, or two,very good chance your CPU might randomly try to boot from it, so you will need to tinker in Boot Device Priority settings..

If the drive is larger than 2 TB or so, you will be contending with MBR vs. GPT issues, where GPT is pretty much needed for large drives...

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