Question my motherboard dont let me install graphics drivers

Nov 8, 2019
hi i am rafael from argentina and i have problems with my sistem, all starts like 3 o 4 months ago i was playing skirym and i make a pocion that broke the game(and my windows) also corrupt my Bios chip at that point i can´t even install windows all i can do is see how the sistem try to iniciate windows and die ( i have a ga-970a d3) this motherboard come with 2 bios chips, waching a russian video the guy say that the second bios can be solder in the spot of the normal one, and i did that, now i can install windows and use the pc like that BUT my bios screen looks diferent, some letters are more long (later i upload a foto) i trie everyting to make the computer work and i realize that when i install the graphics card driver the windows show me blue screen and corrupt all the windows files (i have a video of that) if you have a idea of what is wrong about my pc let me know plz, and sorry for my bad english (in my head i can understand but i can't speak as good as i like) thanks for you time

motherboard : ga 970a d3
processor: fx 6300 vishera
ram: 4 gb normal ram
HDD: 1tb western digital blue