Question My motherboard gets stuck on the boot screen for a minute and then boots into Windows but wifi doesn't work ?

Oct 16, 2021
I had Windows 11 installed on my pc and I was trying to install a Linux distro (Manjaro) on my secondary HDD with a USB but it didn't boot to the USB for some MOK keys or something.
I didn't press anything, just turned off the pc and booted into Windows again, after that the PC booted normally and then started to wait over a minute on the Aorus screen that is shown right after you turn on the PC where it says the keys to enter the BIOS and that stuff without any other information, no error codes, nothing. But then it boots into Windows normally but the network adapter doesn't work so I didn't have Wifi on the pc ?

I noticed the led on the motherboard that says "BIOS" flashed red. In a post from this forum it says that there is an issue with the boot drive, I unppluged every usb I had conected to the pc and even the secondary hard drive and it didn't boot. I cleared the CMOS (reset the bios) and installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 instead of 11 and still got that problem.

PC Specs:
i5 10400
GTX 1650 Super
Aorus Elite AC Z490
16 GB Ram (2 corsair 8gb sticks)

pls help :)