Question my motherboard has 1 missing pin for cpu socket what should i do ?


Oct 19, 2016
so i bought new parts from amazon for my new pc and when i opened up my motherboard to install my cpu i found that i have 1 missing pin on the motherboard cpu and 6 or 7 bent pins so when i saw the bent pins i said no problem i will fix it but i have 1 missing pin and i live in Saudi Arabia and returning it to amazon will cost a lot so i have 3 questions:
1-should i try to fix the bent pins and install my i7 8700k even knowing that i have one missing pin and see if it will work ?
2-should i immediately return it with out risking damaging the motherboard by trying to fix it?
3-what is the return policy and the warranty for amazon or asus?
4-can i return it and get my money back?( i did not damage the motherboard the board was already damaged before i opened it up )
thats my motherboard:,aps,279&sr=8-7