My motherboard wont recognize my hard drive. It is an ide hd plugged into a sata


Dec 24, 2011
I am installing a new biostar motherboard.I have an ide hard drive (with adapter) plugged into sata port on mb.It won't recognize hard drive.How do I fix this?
Check what the adapter's instructions say about setting the jumper on the IDE drive. I expect - but check to be sure - you need to set it to Master (with no Slave, if that's an option).

Have you also plugged a 4-pin Molex power supply connector from the PSU into the back of the IDE drive?
What operating system are you using? Windows XP prior to service pack 3 will nto sue a SATA disk drive. If your IDE drive is plugged into an adapter that is plugged into a SATA port then your OS must support SATA.

Does the BIOS see the drive? Get into your BIOS. There is a panel to display what drives are located. See what the BIOS can find.

If the BIOS does not see the SATA drive then change the SATA port operating mode. Typically SATA ports can be set to 'legacy' or IDE mode or PATA mode vs. ACHI or RAID mode. Try all possible modes and see if the BIOS can see the drive in any of these modes.


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