Question My mouse keeps right clicking?


Jul 21, 2014
My mouse will act up at random times where it will right click on its own until I restart my computer, this issue has been on going through a full system restore (Separate issues). This issue i first thought could be my mouse itself however the buttons are not getting stuck or being messed with dust debris ect. this mouse is the same one that i have used since last year before switching to a new rig with windows 10 (previous had win7 and the issue did not occur until having windows 10) I've searched all over and nothing can be found its more of a nuisance than anything because my pc runs on SSD's so restarting is under 30 seconds. Anyone else out there with similar issues?


Try to use another mouse and see if the same problem persists ?

Or you can move that mouse to another computer and see if it works there.

I had a kind of similar problem to a Razer deatadder mouse, it's habit was whenever I clicked, the Windows perceived it as a double click.
Then I removed the mouse from that computer and into a computer running Linux, and the problem was gone. In that particular case I beleive it was some problem related to mouse driver software.

So - if none of the above steps make the problem go away (on that particular computer) then it's probably mouse driver software that is causing the issue. So uninstall that.