[SOLVED] My mouse stopped working, new mouse same thing (Windows 10).


Apr 28, 2017
Im not excellent or even mediocre when it comes to computers so please bear with me.
Simple Story: I wanted to install a dual boot os that required "UEFI". I didn't know what it was so I proceeded to research and found out that my computer is a "Legacy BIOS" (which I also didn't know) and then proceeded to follow instructions. I rebooted my computer, as it booted up I pressed the Del button which opened/ran the BIOS settings (I think) and then I switched the startup mode from legacy-only to UEFI-only, along the way I spotted "fast boot mode" and yes, I switched it on. Booting up, it started to "repair windows" and eventually started up normally. Except the mouse is just gone, I tried buying another mouse which didn't work and I cant go to the BIOS settings since I enabled fast boot mode.

I made some very dumb decisions but I really need help.

For curious people:
Ive recently been having terrible days, my phone recently got stolen, which led me to become interested in PC android emulators, since Im addicted to a game thats only available in android. Since I'm using a family computer, it didn't exactly have alot of storage. It had 500 gb of storage, 300 being occupied by movies of my uncle, 130 gb by pictures and about 30 for the system files. So, I only had about 30 gb to work with. The computer is very laggy, and so is Nox and Bluestacks. Eventually, I learned about dual booting, and when I installed "Remix OS" it surprisingly didnt lag at all. I downloaded the app through an apk since Im broke, and for some odd reason it kept crashing. Since Remix OS is old and dead, I assumed it's simply too old and outdated, so, tried Phoenix OS. It didnt work aswell, chrome kept crashing and other browsers just wouldnt download files. I stumbled accross Bliss OS and since Im not great with technology, the simple story happened as written above. :(
Please correct/ignore any grammar mistakes, English isn't my first language..
Also, for the cringy name, I made this account when I was 9 i think, am currently 14, hopefully I wont get discriminated because of that here...