Question My MSI gaming laptop crashes (BSOD) every time I play games while plugged in ..but not on battery (faulty charger?)

Aug 11, 2019
Hi .. I bought a used laptop from the internet a week ago but its been acting weird and I cant return it ..the issue is that every thing is fine unless i play games or use intensive graphic work using my external gpu, it crashes after 5 mins or so and i noticed this only happens while charging , but when i use the battery everything runs fine and i can play games until the battery runs out..

from what i understand its the chargers issue ,been searching the internet and i noticed that regular ac chargers that comes with this laptop has 19v 9.5a but mine is 19v 6.3a you think this is the cause of the issue??what can i do to fix this other than buying a new one? is undervolting my gpu may fix the issue until i get one? please help guys

I got those errors when it crashes
video tdr failure
video scheduler internal

note its not overheating , the temps never go above 80c

this is my laptop msi gs63vr 6rf stealth pro
Intel Core i7-6700HQ GTX 1060 6gb 16GB 126GB SSD + 1TB HD
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