Question My Native Resolution is Very Blurry in Games (Please Help!!!)

Aug 15, 2019
Hello everybody, I'm having trouble to get my native resolution clear on Windows 10. I do have a gaming rig, its not really up- to-snuff, but she gets the job done. My Rig
AMD FX 8120 Base Clock: 3.1 GHZ. Overclocked to 3.9 GHZ
Radeon HD 7850 HIS FAN EDITION; Overclocked
So as you can see my gaming rig is not that great, so let me get to the problem. I game on a 720p Toshiba TV 32 INCH. My Windows screen is sharp and clear, but when i put a game its not so clear and sharp. I play some triple AAA I:E Final Fantasy 15, Fortnite, Witcher 3 ETC. When i put the games on 1080p it looks so clear and colorful. Then when i put on 720p it gets really blurry, and jaggies are very apparent. The problem is, my machine is not really able to handle triple aaa games at 1080p, i average around 36 fps on FFXV on average graphic settings (1080p) with lots of stutters. When i put it on 720p i get to 60 FPS with minimal stuttering. But when i put on 720p my game looks terrible, blurry and jaggied but i don't understand why it looks blurry, its my native resolution. I would be getting so much fps in games if i could just get 720p to look good on my native 720p TV. This is the model of the tv you could look it up if want. Toshiba 32c120u.
I don't know what to do, I've tried everything DDU uninstall drivers, Roll Back. But Nothing worked Please help me.