Question my network adapter is acting weird


Jan 9, 2021
i often host minecraft servers on my computer, but when i launched one some days ago, my network on my computer stopped working, i tried restarting, doing multiple fixes, but nothing worked. I also have a laptop, the network adapter works on my laptop, so i connected my laptop to my computer with a ethernet cable, and created a bridge on my laptop, but still sometimes when i launch a minecraft server on my computer the network suddently stops working, then i have to restart my computer to get the network back.
btw my wifi adapter is still not able to connect to my computer.

i have tried troubleshooting, reset the adapter, reset the whole network on my computer, changing ip, changing he transmit buffer value, and more.
Is the wifi card built into your motherboard or can it be removed. You might see a m.2 slot with a wifi card in it. If it is soldered to the motherboard then maybe consider a USB based wifi nic. You want a usb nic designed for a desktop. Most these come with USB extension cable to get them away from the back of the case. They also tend to have larger antenna that you can see.