Question My Network drops randomly while gaming

Jul 28, 2019
for the past half month I had 2 techs come out and they replaced my outside cabling because it was fried by lightning and tested inside and told me everything should be good, but same issue keeps reoccuring I'll be gaming and randomly i'll time out my ping goes to instantly 1k and I DC which is unplayable, so I proceeded to call the tech again and he told me my 100 mbps wasn't good enough for gaming so I stopped trying to call them after that, now I'm trying to figure out the issue on my own I ran a ping to my node as well as to google my node fluctuates from 1-3 ms while google is 17-21 while my ping is spiking in the game I've tested on multiple games including Rust, BF2, Half Life 2 as well as rocket league all the same issue but my ping never spikes when pinging google or my node during the spikes, I've tried almost everything I can think of and I even tried a wireless connection same issue I'm using a ethernet rn I as well tried it on my phone same issue and my speeds go from 80-100 all the way down to 0.5 mbps and just stalls out there for a couple moments before going back to normal even sometimes it stays that way for up to a minute