Question My new 1TB Samung Sata SSD is not showing up in disk management but appears in BIOS.

Aug 29, 2020
Today I got a new Samsung 1TB 860 Evo and i put it in my new PC as a storage device. However it will not show in windows but appears in my bios. Even Disk Management doesn't show it. Image of my DM here: ( View:

I have plugged it into my other PC and it appears and I can use it normally but when i put it in my new PC it doesn't appear at all in windows. I have tried different sata cables and different sata ports along with different power cables, but nothing. I have formatted and reformatted on my other PC as well. I have even booted from a windows installer USB and that doesn't even recognize the new SSD.

I have an Aorus x570 Elite and use an NVME drive as my boot drive so there should be no interference from that. The NVME is my only drive.

Any help is appreciated!


Attach the 860 to a SATA port and power and then open an elevated command prompt, right click command prompt and select run as administrator. Then type:
diskpart <enter>
list disk <enter>
* if the disk shows up in the list continue with:
select disk n <enter> (where n is the number from list disk corresponding to the 860 -- choose carefully!)
clean <enter>
create part primary <enter>
exit <enter>
Now it should show up and be available to format in Windows explorer.