My new 8400 experience



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With all the negative posts, I want to balance with my positive
experience today when I received my 8400 ordered on Jan 27th.

It worked out of the box. I configured everything, added Firefox and
Thunderbird and deleted Dell junk in less than one hour.

The diagram for connecting the sound wasn't clear so I called tech
support and after about a 15 minute hold spoke to someone with an Indian
accent. He was courteous and except for a little trouble in
understanding his accent, he solved the problem. Dell is definitely
trying to improve customer satisfaction with off shore support. The
supervisor (also Indian) asked me how was my experience and said Dell
would send an email for further feedback.

This is my 6th computer bought from Dell over the years and I'm a happy
camper. I have no connection with Dell except as a customer.


Apr 1, 2004
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I agree. Dell still has the MOST aggressive pricing.
I mean you can get a 4700 WITH a 17 flat panel for $499.00.
No other company is even close to this.
With a few upgrades (memory and pci-e video card)
it is still an excellent value.
I have 2 Dells (2400 and 1150) and am more than
satisfied with both. With computer warranties
I am able to determine the problem myself and just do
tech support through email and have the part delivered.
This is good enough for me.


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Actually if all one needs is advise, this group is about as good as it
gets. Very knowledgeable people here.

Tom Scales wrote:

> You get what you pay for, and the constant whiners here don't seem to
> understand that. You CAN get on-shore, outstanding service.
> For a price.
> Tom