Question My new Alienware AW2521HF


Oct 10, 2016
I'm getting used to my new screen. Is it OK to call it a Dell? I read that AW is a subsidiary with substantial autonomy.

I rarely game, but I note the new screen has several setting which get the millisecond response time down to very low values. My question is: if I just set it and forget it at the 1 ms response time,
is there a down side? Higher energy consumption? Less durability?

4 ms seems to be pretty good as a default. I see competitors out there with 10 ms response times, no adjustment.

It's probably not relevant, but I chose to jack up the contrast settings. I have the monitor near a large picture window giving out on the back yard, and it has to compete with daylight illumination much of the time.

Greg N

p.s. here's what it says in the manual

• 1 ms gray to gray in Extreme Mode * • 2 ms gray to gray in Super Fast Mode • 4 ms gray to gray in Fast Mode * A 1 ms gray-to-gray response time is achieved in the Extreme mode to reduce visible motion blur and increase image responsiveness. However, this may introduce subtle visual artifacts into the image. Since each computer configuration and gamer's needs are different, Alienware recommends that users experiment with the different modes to find the setting that is right for them.