Question My new HDD is disconnecting while gaming


Jan 10, 2022
Hello! I just got myself a 2TB WD HDD for some of my old games. I actually paired it with another 2TB HDD from Toshiba, that I already had and I decided to stripe them together in windows for better performance.

However, when I try to play some games, I get many lag spikes and crash to the desktop. Having Task Manager open reveals that the new HDD is pegged at 100% and sometimes it's disconnecting resulting in the crashes. Investigating further, I found that the Q32T1 Random test from Crystal Disk Mark reproduces the same results, and I even got the HDD to disconnect by running 3dMark from the HDDs at the same time.

My question is this: is my drive defective or is it just windows stripe? I have used stripe before for the same reason and I never had any problems...