Question My new HDD is giving me nonstop errors!

Ty Moore

Jan 30, 2016
I've just had a HDD die on me today and I lost everything on it ,but the one saving grace was I have a unused 2 tb HDD to replace it. So I plugged the new HDD in and formatted it but after it was done formatting it said It ran into an error. My HDD's name and letter was showing up but It wasn't showing how much space was on it so I restarted it and the space started showing up but now everytime I try to make a file It tells me the drive doesn't exist. I've also tried deleting the volume and making a new one but It also tells me the HDD doesn't exist.

If anyone would be so kind as to help me and make this bad day bearable.

Edit: I've now managed to unallocate it but now when I try to make a new simple volume It still tells me it doesn't exist.
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I've tried using this program ,but the program is also telling me that the device doesn't exist.
If you go to "Device Manager > Disk drives" is your HDD listed?
Have you checked if the HDD is showing up in the BIOS?
Can you tell if the HDD is spinning up or making any sound?
Have you tried plugging the HDD in a different SATA port?
What is the name of your motherboard?