Question My new PC build restarts randomly. It will just turn off then restarts on its own when I'm doing something or even when idle

Feb 25, 2020
At first it won't let me install win10 when I use the bootable drive I made using my laptop. Initially, I was successful when I installed win10 on it, but then it did random restarts and won't even let me continue to update windows. I tried booting it on safe mode and waited for about 1 hour and it didn't restart so I thought it should be a corrupted windows installer so I made another bootable drive.

I tried using windows media creation tool and also downloaded the iso image and used rufus, but it always restart in the middle of the installation process and won't let me continue the installation. Most of the time it would just turn off then restart but often times it will give me Bsod saying "whea uncorrectable error" and "irql not less of equal" and one other error I can't quite remember.

I tried removing everything in my pc and putting it together it again, this time making sure nothing came loose, but it doesn't seem to fix the problem. It still wouldn't let me install windows. So I bought a bootable drive with win10 os in it and it seemed to work, got my updates, updated my drivers, everything and then after 30 minutes or so, it restarts again.

Sometimes it will give me a Bsod error saying "irql not less of equal" but most of the time its just restarts. The files on the bootable flashdrive I brought should be okay. My CPU is also cool and idles at 35 degrees. Tried running windows memory diagnostic tool and memtest and my ram seems to fine with no errors. Tried putting ram 1 by on each slot but it seems to work fine with no errors. Tried putting the mobo outside of the case and boot it up on top of the box that came with it, but it still give the same problem.

While trying all of that, I noticed there is a windows hardware error on HWinfo related to CPU memory controller View:
I ran HWinfo in debug mode but I don't know how to interpret it. Can anyone help me find the issue with this new build?

Here's my PC specs:

Intel Xeon 2620 v2
16 gb ECC ram
Rx 580
x79M-S motherboard (Kllisre)
240 gb SSD
1 tb HDD
700W 80 plus Bronze PSU