Question My new pc problems cpu hdd usage ?

Sep 14, 2020
Hi eveyone first my english not good you guys need to know that and I buy new pc i3 10100 + palit 1660 super + MSI B460M PRO-VDH WIFI Mobo +600 W gold PSU + 16 Gb 2666 mhz ram and firt problem my hdd usage %100 when I play games or searching someting in the internet I try few thing for this problem just when ı first time start pc then %100 hdd usage first 2-4 min after I think its okey now(ı use hdd tune software for bad sector but there is no bad sector all green) after this game sometimes work very well everthing good full settings high fps but sometimes cpu usage %100 and I feel like ı play games in my old pc what s problem anyone help me ?

and this video from yesterday ı record just for test you can see car suddenly shows up and gund or other things ı cant see env pls start 1:00


edit. I play warzone now 60 fps good no problem but why sometime work bad ı dont und. cpu usage %85-97 gpu usage %55-70
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