Question My new pc

The psu is on the knife's edge of enough power.
And it's a super basic unit to begin with.

If you upgrade psu then go for a bigger upgrade than what you need (usually i'd say a cx550m, but that's just a tiny bit better than the VS you have in there, so it's not worth your time to do such a small upgrade)
Go for any A tier unit on this tier list:

If you stick with corsair, then an RMi, or HXi, or TXm series will be very good for you.


Completely inappropriate PSU for this build. You cheaped out on the most important part of your build. The modern-day Corsair VS is much better than the old one from the early 2010s, but it's still only really designed to provide safe, reliable power for basic PCs. That is not what you assembled. a Tier B PSU on the list linked above is as low as you should be going with a build such as this.

And no, just to head off any objection of this nature, "is my computer running" is not a diagnostic test.