Nov 25, 2007

Recently i just bourght some new ram, 2GB of Geil ultra PC2-6400 800mhz. My mother board supports 4 gb of ram, and it has 4 slots (purple - blue - purple- blue). My brother put them in the first two slots, so first purple and blue ones. I went into CPUID and it says i have 2gb but it says DRAM Frequency 400mhz and says max bandwith 400mhz on both of them, surely itsnt it supposed to be 800?, there are 2 other tables saying 200mhz and 266mhz, does that mean any thing? Has my brother put themin wrong?.

My system runs fine but i didnt know if something was wrong.

Also i have an AMD 6400+ 3.2ghz
A foxconn 590 SLI mobo
and a x1800XT

Thanks if any one can help.


Nov 3, 2007
Odds are if you have them in the first 2 slots they are in single channel mode. Colors ussually represent channels. The blue/blue will let them be in dual channel (much more performance).

If you are looking at the SPD tab of CPU-Z that doesn't mean anything.

400 MHz = the actual speed of DDR2-800. The *EFFECTIVE* speed is 800 MHz because it's Double Data Rate. The other tables are for other settings you can use (timings/bandwidth and voltages).