My new video card from xfx has bootup problems


Apr 11, 2011
Hello Everyone.

I've done quite a bit of research and have not found anything on my problem with my video card at the moment. Initially, I bought an xfx 6870 from ebay (new) around 6 months ago and have experienced minor artifacts that I dealt with up until around a couple months ago. I contacted xfx and started up a support ticket and after telling them my problems they quickly gave me an RMA number. So here I am one month later with my new 6870 that came in the mail from xfx, and it initially wouldn't boot up. I was horrified by the fact that I could have recieved a doa card. However after a little troubleshooting I found out that if I unplugged the video card and switched over to on-board graphics and then uninstalled all drivers and booted up again, the video card would work. After that I installed my regular drivers (keep note that I first uninstall the drivers and then bootup into safemode and use driversweeper before re-installing drivers), and everything went smooth from then on. No artifacts and the card ran fine. At least up until I unplugged my computer before going to bed that one night. When I woke up the next morning I found out that the same problem that I thought I had fixed (bootup problems) had come back. So currently after testing my computer I came to the conclusion that unplugging my computer is a big no no, and that if I were to unplug it again my video card WOULD NOT boot up again and i'd have to go into safe mode again plugging my dvi cable into my motherboard and reinserting my video card blah blah blah... So I decided to come here just in-case somebody might have some knowledge on this. I mean going back to xfx and rma'ing again would suck, but they're my last resort. (another 15 dollars in shipping)