Question My new widescreen monitor refuses to work with my RX 580


Aug 25, 2016
So i've been ripping my hair out trying to fix this tedious problem.
On Labor Day I decided to buy a Widescreen monitor that was relatively cheap. (LG- 29WL500-B) I bought this monitor while I was on vacation so when I came back home a month later, I unboxed the monitor and hooked it up. First impressions it seemed to be working perfectly fine. While I was away I also bought a new NVME drive so I had to do a clean install of windows. After I installed windows I decided to install drivers for my 580. The install went smooth or that's what I initially thought. Now the problem is when I open Radeon settings and click on the "Gaming" or "Display" tabs, my monitor looses signal and I have to reboot my computer. Another problem is that a black screen can still occur after 5 minutes of just using firefox or gaming. I dont think its a problem with my computer being faulty or anything because for the past month, I've been using my old 1080p acer monitor while waiting for Windows 10 v1909 to come out seeing if that would fix the issue somehow. Well, the new version of Windows 10 didn't fix it. I've also used the monitor on my Nintendo switch and a throw away laptop I have running windows 7 and both work perfectly fine with the LG monitor with no loss of signal. It's just with my gaming pc I loose signal after 5 minutes of use. My guess is that it could be Windows 10 and the Radeon Software conflicting with each other. I don't have a display port to HDMI connector on hand so I cant try that.
Here's a list of things I have tried to fix this issue :
  1. Replace my HDMI cable
  2. Switching the HDMI port on my monitor (my 580 only has 1 HDMI port)
  3. Reinstall/Uninstalling Radeon Drivers
  4. Repair Radeon Drivers
  5. Install LG drivers
  6. Rolling back windows 10 to version 1809
  7. Rolling back my radeon drivers to a version from March 2019
  8. Doing all the above in safe mode
  9. Turning off windows defender (to see if that was conflicting with installation/detection)
Full PC Specs:
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 (1 year old)
GPU: RX 580 8gb (1 year old)
RAM: 16gb ddr4 2400mhz (2 years old)
Storage: Intel 660p 2tb NVME drive (1 month old)
PSU: EVGA 500w (4 years old soon 5)
Motherboard: Gigabyte b350m-d3h (2 years old fully updated bios)
All parts are working properly but somewhat dusty.

Widescreen Monitor:
Varient of RX 580:
Radeon Sofware version: 19.11.3
I would really like to use this monitor for my pc, not just my switch. Sorry for the long post but this problem is really annoying and I've tried everything I could so any help would be appreciated.
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