Question My Newly Built PC Doesn't Recognize My Monitor ?

May 14, 2022
Yesterday I finished building my new PC, the third one I've built. When I plugged everything in and booted it up, my monitor wasn't detected and my accessories didn't light up (although I didn't adequately check if the ports were working). I read online that the issue was most likely a faulty CMOS battery, so I sent it back and bought a new one. It came today, and when I plugged everything in, monitor isn't detected again but my phone is able to charge from the front ports, and my headset is detected in the back.

The fans run, the lights light up, everything seems to be working except that I can't get my monitor to work with the computer. What can I do?

My specs -
GPU: Asus Geforce RTX 2060 OC 6GB
CPU: Intel CORE i5-12400F
Motherboard: Asus Prime Z690-P WIFI D4

16 GB of RAM
2TB Barracuda HDD
500GB Western Digital M2 SSD


First couple of easy / cheap things.

1.) Verify monitor / cord is working by plugging into separate PC.
2.) Make sure monitor is set to auto or the HDMI / Display Port for whichever cord you are using.
3.) Make sure your display cord is plugged into the GPU and not the Motherboard
4.) Try separate ports on GPU
5.) Check if fans are spinning, cooler, GPU, to determine if components are getting power
6.) Check if RAM / GPU is fully seated