Question My Nvidia gtx 1050ti is given stuttering and audio distortion

Sep 29, 2020
I recently bought Zotac Nvidia 1050ti 4gb OC . I have upgraded the Nvidia drivers with latest version as of sept 2020. But after installing GPU, i am facing crazy FPS drops from 100fpsto 15 fps.
Also when i m casually working or browsing internet, I get mouse stutters and jumping. While watching Youtube videos i get audio distortion. Not sure why its happening. Sometimes my display will go black for 2 secs and comes back.

i don't face problem while running league of legends or Fall guys on ultra. But when i play GTA V, Witcher3...etc. i get fps drops and crashes. So did changes in Nvidia control panel but no use!!
I also reinstalled win10 but that too didn't help.

Just out of curiosity, while playing game i checked task manager and i saw CPU usage to 100% and GPU usage is barely 3-5% so changed the settings in win10 to high performance to use GPU instead of CPU but it didn't help.

My Rig is a bit old

CPU- intel i5 3330s
Mobo - gigabyte b75 d3h
Ram- 4gbx2 drr4 (hyperXfury)
HDD- seagate 1tb
PSU - Cooler Master 450W
GPU- Zotac GTX 1050ti

I recently upgraded from amd 7770 1gb which was running fine and handled AAA titles pretty well.

it would be great if someone could provide a solution or clarity as to what is happening. is my GPU defective?