Question My old (2009) LCD TV has flickering/shimmering issues in games ?

Aug 5, 2023
So I have this old Philips 47PFL9632D LCD TV from 2009 or thereabouts. I connect it to my PC through HDMI and it's actually a decent screen for its time (I bought it second hand, cos I was a broke student).

But I recently noticed that it has issues with shimmering and flickering, and it seems to be only during movement (such as panning the camera/moving around - and only noticeable on certain textures, such as dirt road textures in Witcher 2) when connected to my PC, and ONLY when it's at its 1080p native resolution. At 720p, all issues are gone.

Anyone know what this could be? Why is it fine at 720p, but has issues at its native resolution of 1080p?

Thanks for any input in advance.

Edit: I should also add that certain things in windows 10 (such as text) also flickers and shimmers the same way when I move the mouse, or move open windows around with the mouse. Soon as I stop moving the mouse around, everything looks normal. Same in the games. And once again, at 720p, its crisp and clear no matter what I do.


What is the vertical refresh frequency you can set it to in 1080p ? Does it have any settings to reduce flickering ? Since TV and LCD. Are you running video drivers in 10bit or 8bit pixel format ?