Question My Packet Loss is Very Frustrating

Aug 2, 2019
I have been getting worse and worse packet loss throughout the course of about 2 years. I can no longer enjoy online games due to packet loss. My ping is consistently fine and i have no trouble with it, but whenever i play any online game and I lag, I check my discord connection and it seems to be severe packet loss. I am looking for things to do to improve packet loss without having to call my internet provider for an inspection. If you do answer, please explain things to me because I am not very tech savy.

I am hardwired in on a 5ghz connection

My hardware ( wires and such ) seem to be fine

Also, I should mention, when i run tracert on the cmd prompt, the fields for the second line have asterisks and beside it the words - Request timed out.- are displayed.
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Not sure how you hardwire a 5g connection. But as long as there is no wifi in the path between the computer and your router it is fine.

If you do not see packet loss with the ping command then the loss is likely caused by something inside the computer. This is especially true if you see no loss on a different device when your computer is tell you there is loss in the game.

It could be load related also. Leave a constant ping to something like run. They download files using something like steam but restrict it to use say only 50% of your bandwidth. If you let it use 100% you will also see loss and delays.

If it does it when there is load but not when there is no load that is very common when you have a issue with the connection coming to your house. Unfortunately the test you want to do is to ping hop 2 which the ISP has rigged to not respond to you. You could try hop 3 in the trace . This is mostly to convince the ISP that there is a problem with your line and them not blame your computer.

Now if everything still tests good it might be your upload bandwidth. This is only true if you have a very small connection say 1mbps or less. It is very hard to test utilization on upload, you would have to copy file to some cloud storage or something to test load. In the case of a very small upload rate you may just have to be more careful about what you run so you do not exceed the bandwidth provided.