Jun 8, 2009
Hey people! new to the forum so sorry if ive posted in the wrong area.
Im looking into buying a new gaming pc but have been looking and think id be better off waiting till the prices drop on the i7's and graphics.

At the moment my pc is this:

Intel core 2 duo 6400@2.13ghz
1024x2 ddr2 533
250g ST3250620AS
BFG 8800GT OC 512mb
ASUS P5N32-SLI-SE-Deluxe motherboard

As you can see its not exactly what you could call top of the range.
The pc I wanted:

Intel i7 920
3x2gb ddr3 1600mhz corsair
80gb intel ssd
1x gtx 295
Asus p6t
Windows vista 64 bit

At the moment my pc will have to do due to the sheer expense of the new one but can anyone suggest an alternative or possible upgrades on my current setup which could be just as good?

Possibly another 8800 GT OC to put into SLI mode?
A new processor perhaps?

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks :)


You're just adding on the SSD to your existing hard disk right? You plan to install the OS on it for speed?

Anyways, unless you use a 30" monitor, the GTX 295 is very very overkill. What's your display and resolution?
^ r_manic I guess he is asking some suggestions/ upgrades for his old PC...

@ obey69r Yes another 8800GT in SLI would significantly improve the performance...
But dont spend more than $100 on another 8800GT as there are faster cards in the $100+ range...
You can also look into replacing the existing RAM with faster ones - Preferrably 2x2GB 800MHz...
You can try overclock too...So buy an aftermarket cooler and try your hand at o/c...


can anyone suggest an alternative or possible upgrades on my current setup

Sure, but what do you want to be faster? Buying another 8800GT will make your games run faster, but it won't have for video transcoding, or applying filters in Photoshop. Upgrading the CPU will help for that, as will adding more ram and a SSD drive for the swap file. If you tell us what your looking to make faster, we can tell you what to buy to make that happen.
If you're planning to upgrade soon, any upgrades to your current machine should be with the mindset of using it on your upgrade. That being said, the video card and/or HD are the only things you would be able to upgrade now and still use them when you do upgrade.


Aug 23, 2007
Well Im pretty sure you would be able to squeeze some more performance out of that processor by overclocking it...not exactly sure what the average OC is on your processor but I feel like you should be able to get 2.8ghz out of it (Im assuming this just cuz its an intel core 2 duo...lol)