my PC barely moves.


Feb 11, 2005
listen, i asked already at many forums and nobody knows what is the problem.
so i came here with hope maybe someone will know what is wrong with my computer.
i have a celeron 2400, radeon 9600 xt and 512 memory.
it isn't that well, but alright to run most of the new games.
but for some reason. i can't even run games well which worked also at my pentume 3 computer with geforce 2.
they just work slow. really slow. as i said, games which i suppost to run smoothly even if i open them 2 times on my pc, just don't work well.
and the graphic is on low.
i already switched 4 graphic cards, changed my hard disk to a new 1.
and my memory looks fine. (i have a software which say how much memory left and it looks alright)
even though i have 2 sticks of 256 from different company
i don't think it should effect the games.
i also installed 3 different windows, made bios as difault.
but nothing helps.
what could be possible the problem? i already changed everything on the computer.
thank you.

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May 16, 2002
Well, for one thing that celeron is actually only about as fast as a 1.2Ghz PIII anyway, so that's not helping.

What motherboard do you have? you say you have 512Mb of RAM, but is that DDR ram, or SDR RAM?

If you have one of the old P4 + SDR RAM chipsets then that's a performance killer.

Do you have all the drivers installed for the motherboard? Particularly AGP drivers.

If you've recently switched from an Nvidia card then you may have old bits of drivers left floating around that confuse things. There's software that can sort that out. I think one's called DriverCleaner or something.

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Feb 11, 2005
First of all, like a P3 1200?
you are too exaggerate.
I looked at some tests and it looks like a p4 2000
by FPS.
Any way the games i am trying suppost to work clean even on p3 500.
As i said i made a format and installed all the new drivers.
so it is definitely not because of drivers.
And the memory is DDR of course. i already said, the memory
is the only part which I convinced is fine.

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Sep 15, 2002
What sort of games exactly? and what OS are you running on your new machine?
XP/2k and older games designed for 95/98 don't get along well mainly due to XP/2k having little or no DOS support. The compatability wizard thing in XP sometimes does a decent job but very old games will not run.

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Reload your chipset drivers. Then load the latest version of the video card drivers.

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Dec 31, 2002
Definitely sounds like a driver issue. AFTER a fresh load of the OS, load the chipset drivers off the MB cd. Update all drivers/bios from the mb's website, if available. You may have to do some BIOS tweaking to get your system just disabling agp fast writes, setting aperture to the same size as the video card memory'll be the little things that will bring your pc up to reasonably expected speeds.

You didn't mention if the pc was lagging in hd access or whether it was lagging upon execution only.

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