Question My PC boots with no signal please help!

Jun 15, 2019
These are my specs:
B450 Tomahawk
Seasonic G series 650w
NVidia GeForce 1660
Crucial DDR4 8GB x2
AMD Ryzen 3600
Toshiba DT01ACA050 500gb DT1ACA200 2TB
Samsung 860 EVO
Windows 10 Pro

TL;DR for people who dont want to read the long text below, I have an issue of my PC having no signal when booting, after a few reseates it works then it stops again. So far, there isnt a consistient booting attempt until yesterday. I tried restarting it and it worked to some extent, but it took long to restart. Now its not showing signal again. I just want some help.

Sorry for the long text, but this is my problem.
I’ve upgraded my old gear into these new hardware (except for my PSU and HDD) and some problems have occurred.
First I’ve booted up the PC and the PC works fine but no signal.
Second I tried to reseat them and cleared CMOS to see what would happen. After a few attempts the PC works fine as I noticed that I put the CPU fan into the wrong fan pin then reseated that, and I was able to go in Windows. The next time I tried to restart the system and it worked. But when I shut down the PC , then booted again, the PC boots but no signal.

After reseating everything, I noticed every time I reseated one of the fan components to a different pin. It works but then after a hard shutdown, it stops working.

I have come to the conclusion that it might be something to do with the PSU because it’s old, but when I used the old setup, it worked fine. So the second thought was something to do about the fans, although it looked like it was running fine. Another thing worth noticing is that every time I put on the power switch the power light does not glow when the PC signal does not show.

Right now I’m pretty lost, and I’m gonna be even more frustrated if I have to buy new components. If anyone could give me suggestions on what to do that would be great.
I will add more information if needed.

Update: Yesterday I left my PC seated as is and when I left it out for a while it started to show signal for a few restarts. However, everytime I restarted it took longer than it should to boot up. Despite that, my PC worked fine with no performance issues. But now again, it started to show no signal again. It would be helpful to give me some suggestions.
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