Question My PC BSOD-ing is beyond logic, can anyone give me a guess on what may be causing it?


Feb 3, 2015
Okay, so quick rundown of my parts:
ASRock Fatal1ty b450
ryzen 3600x
be quiet pure rock slim (cpu cooler)
2x8 GB corsair vengeance (DDR4 3200Mhz)
kingston A2000 m.2 nvme ssd (boot)
Seagate barracuda compute 2TB 7200RPM (storage)
msi rx 570 8gb
corsair cx 750W
win 10 pro
The system is no older than a month or two, built it myself

I've gotten every single BSOD option from Critical process died to that store error to random error codes. They happen at pure random. Sometimes I'm gaming and the image freezes but audio keeps going until I manually restart then I boot, go into browser, restore pages, everything becomes unresponsive, cursor is loading and BSOD. one time I'm screen sharing some show with my gf, then suddenly the video stops, everything becomes unresponsive, can only move cursor, I keep talking with my gf just fine and BSOD. Lastly, sometimes when that bad boy crashes it goes to BIOS a couple of reboots, because it can't recognise a boot drive, and whenever I restart it takes 8 billion times longer to go to BIOS than regularly, sometimes BIOS shows I have 0 RAM as well.

Today I was on the not recognising boot drive ride for literally 40 minutes , I shut it off, checked my case - everything is connected good, nothing smells burnt, nothing out of the ordinary, no warning lights, I'm proud of my lack of dust, too. I plugged it back up, it booted just fine so I can write this, under 15 seconds as well.

What makes me absolutely furious about this is that I have tried everything under the sun to check for hardware issues, and no hardware issues are found. I have updated and reverted drivers, I even stopped overclocking CPU. Everything is okay, good temps, no failures on anything. At this point I want something to fail so I can replace it and get on with my day. Nah, no issues. sfc - nah, nothing wrong. Windows defender full scan - nah, nothing wrong. On paper, my PC is healthy, in practice - my PC BSODs on complete randomness. Has anyone experienced that pattern of BSODs and what may be causing it?

UPDATE: Windows defender can't defend itself - for some reason "virus & threat protection" now is automatically disabled, I press "restart now" and it gives me an error that it ran into a problem and can't restart. I'm loving this more and more.