Question My PC can't boot after being shut down for a long time ?

Feb 12, 2023
I recently make a new build with these specs
I5 12600k
b660m mortar wifi ddr4
Corsair verngeance rgb rs 4x16 3600
RX6900xt red devil
750w PSU
Bios version: 7D42v1A
Bios setting:
  • Settings - Boot - Turn off Fastboot
  • Settings - Security - Secureboot - Disabled
  • Settings - Security - Trusted Computing - Security Device Support - Disabled
  • Multi Monitor - Disabled
  • OC - Extreme Memory Profile (Xmp) - Enabled
  • OC - Cpu Features - Turn off CFG Lock,
  • BETA - SR-IOV Support - Enabled
  • Setting - Advanced - Power Management Setup - ErP Ready - Enabled
  • Setting - Advanced - Power Management Setup - USB Standby Power at S4/S5 - Enabled
  • Setting - Advanced - Resume By USB Device - Enabled
(I need setting these option because i run Hackintosh on this specs)

Everything worked very well until i turned off the computer.

The next day when i press the power button to turn on, the ram and gpu leds are still on

Ez debug led will switch from post to ram and vice versa until it turns off and doesn't switch to gpu's led so the pc can't turn on
I noticed when the gpu's led is on my pc will boot normally

The current solution is that I have to remove 3 sticks of ram leaving slot A1 to let bios report an error of plugging in the wrong slot and then the pc will open up normally, I go to windows to shutdown then plug in the remaining 3 ram sticks and active XMP in bios and pc rebooted into windows normally

This is complicated as i need to remove the ram and reassign it everytime i start the pc.

I dont know if the issue is caused by ram XMP or I had wrong bios setting ?