Question My PC crashes and Monitor says no signal

Apr 11, 2019
It all started when I upgraded my power supply. When I put everything where it was supposed to go I tried turning it on and it said "No signal". I saw on some forums that if I hold down the power button while the power supply is unplugged it should fix it, which it did. My computer was able to turn on and play most games. I tried playing Borderlands The Pre Sequel with my friend and It will run fine and smooth with over 150 fps but when I get hit with an explosion or something intense that would cause an instant drop in an fps my computer crashes and I have to unplug my power supply and do it all over again. All my cables are where they are supposed to be and my temps are good and the performance is better than ever but I just dont understand why it crashes.
Gtx 1060 6gb overclocked
I5-6600K Overclocked to 4.4 Ghz
Asus Z-170 motheboard
2 8gig sticks of Gskill Trident Z
Corsaid SF 600 Power supply with cable extensions (Wasnt long Enough)

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