[SOLVED] My PC does not use the dedicated graphics

Dec 26, 2020
Hi there.
My pc suddenly started to use integrated graphics, I have a RX 550 4gb and the Radeon Adrenalin application detects it, my graphics card has no problem, days ago I used it normally, it was yesterday when the problems started, I was playing csgo, I changed the window to see something and when I came back, the game started giving me 40 fps (As if using the integrated graphics, Intel HD Graphics 630)
My friend helped me by deactivating the integrated graphics from the bios but the game continues to run the same, and it is not because it is very demanding, since before it gave me around 170-200 fps in the same config that I have now and I also tried in other games. demanding like rust and won't even run.
By the way, I have the hdmi cable connected to the dedicated graphics card.
If my graphics card were broken, my pc would not detect it and my monitor would not even turn on, also the fans are working.

Specs of my pc:

-XFX RX 550 4GB

-Gigabyte H110-M

-HyperX 16GB Ram 2666 Mhz (2x8GB)

-Intel Core I3-7100


If your display is connected to your graphics card, you're not using your integrated graphics. Sounds like the graphics card has started to fail. Check to make sure the fins of the cooling fan and heatsink are free of dust. Make sure there is no dust in the PCI-Ex16 slot. Check all connections.

-Wolf sends