Question My PC doesn’t want to turn on in the mornings anymore.

Oct 26, 2020
My friend and I tested on what could be the reason why it’s not turning on as a normal working PC should whenever you want to turn it on. It doesn’t want to turn on when I want to turn on then hours later around noon to afternoon I am sometimes able to turn it on. We tested switching out the PSU, re-seating parts, checked MOBO for bad capacitors. This happens with every outlet in my room. I live in Hawaii, this started happening about 2 months ago. The past 6 years I had a PC in this house it never did this ever. Idk if it could be too much humidity in the morning? Or it could be my house wiring. We tested the outlets in my room they run at 120v and my house is on 15a. All the parts in this pc have been bought to fix what issues I was having. Everything is 2 weeks old except for the PSU,MOBO and CPU. PSU is good and working tested it. CPU is fine cause I can run it normally in the afternoon. We thought it can’t be MOBO cause it works normally but we don’t know. If anyone has an idea to why this is happening please help me out.


Next time the computer boots, look in Reliability History and Event Viewer for error codes, warnings, and even informational events that may have been logged during failed boot attempts.

What make and model router do you have? The router's logs (if available and enabled) may likewise provide some clue as to what is happening.

Who has full admin rights to the router? You will need help from that person.


Mar 16, 2009
Crazy thought is there a lot of dew and or is it real cold in your house in the mornings this is a 1% probability of being the issue but maybe condensation on components ....