Jan 24, 2013
i have just bought a hdmi cable to connect with my tv ...When i connected hdmi cable with my pc and tv pc doesnt give any signal to tv ...and in control panel it doesnt show anything attached with pc using hdmi section.

My pc specification:-
intel core2duo
2.256 gb ram
nvidia geforce gt220
motherboard:- gigabyte G31M-ES2L
make sure you have the newest nvidia control panel and drivers installed. in nvidia control pannel go under set up muilt displays.
if the gpu is working and the tv is set to pc mode. you should get two devices. monitor 1 and monitor 2. you want to set up monitor 2. without setting it up the video card going to keep it turned off. if the hdmi port wont work if there another dvi port on your card use a dvi to hdmi cable.