Question My PC exploded could someone help me?

Apr 6, 2020
For about 4 months, maybe even more my PC has been opening on the BIOS screen instead of Win10s but i didnt mind since all i had to do was press F1 and then Discard changes and exit to start the PC (Im saying this because it might be relevant). A couple of days ago my PC just didnt turn on, i had no problems the night before but that morning it wouldn't turn on so i tested the cable on other things and the electric current, neither were the problem, didn't know what else to do so i pressed the red switch on the back of my PC from 230 to 115, then i connected the cable and as soon as i did that it exploded, i imagine it was the power supply and smells like burnt plastic, i was wondering if some of you could answer these questions please:

  1. I know that i have to change the power supply, should i get any power supply or is there more to it? My specs are as i remember i5, GTX 1650, 16 gb ram and i think a H81M asus motherboard but im not sure.
  2. Even if i change the power supply, was that the problem? My PC wasn't working before the power supply exploded, what else could it have been?
  3. Why did it explode after i changed that switch? what does it do?
  4. Is it possible that the mother board or other pieces are dead now? did my ram, graphic card, etc survive?
Edit: My PC is about 5 years old if that's important and i think the burnt plastic smell came from my dvd drive but i might be wrong and it doesnt smell now.
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  1. It's hard to say without your budget and location, but a Corsair CX 450 would be fine for these needs.
  2. No idea. You have a bigger problem to worry about now to deal with first.
  3. You set the wrong voltage for your house. It's a bit like you were making macaroni and cheese and realized you were out of cream so you used gasoline instead.
  4. Yes. No idea until you can test parts. Your problem may have gotten much more expensive; it's not a good idea to hit buttons or switches you don't understand on safety equipment.