Question My pc fans can't spin due to cpu short !

Oct 9, 2020
I got a brand new gaming computer with
I5 9400f
B365 m aorus elite
8gb crucial ballsticks ram
Gtx 1660 super
Psu cooler master tm600 (it comes with the CMP 505 computer case )

After 2 months of usage and all works fine...
I transfered to a new place that is really neat from the sea coast

The computer worked the first 4 days fine .. till one day I went to turn on my pc and the FANS just spinned for 1 second and shut and repeat till I turn off the POWER SUPPLY switch .

I tried to reseat the ram and it just WORKED fine .. I powered it off and after few minutes I turned it on again .. same problem happened !

I tried to reseat the ram again but no reason ..
I took the ram out and warmed it with blanket (to see if there is humid causing a problem )
For 2 hours .. reseat it back .. IT worked fine .

I turned it off,
The second day I turned it on again and now it should work as it did

But, it didn't ... The fans now is spinning for less than half a second and stops and the ram rgb still on till I turn off the power supply switch ..

I tried to remove the 8pins processor power connector .. all fans spinning for 5 seconds and power off and repeat again .

I need to know what to do because I can't go to any repair shop and I can RMA the components cause Its really far away from me ..