Question My Pc froze, now no display

Jan 28, 2023
While i'm playing tekken 7 on my pc something blows up in my system unit and i found out that it's my psu, luckily i have my spare psu but i wait a couple of hours to replace it (hoping that it doesn't fried any other parts). so after i boot it up with replaced psu it starts normal but after 1 hr it froze. i force restart it by pressing the button, now all the fans are working and my keyboard are working fine but it has no display on my monitor. can anybody help me?


Mar 5, 2019
Sounds like you just discovered something most computer techs accept as the gospel. Cheap power supplies are KILLERS.

Here's a rule of thumb I use for buying power supplies: If it's less than $100, it's no good. The "decent" power supply market BEGINS at $100. There are many places you can sacrifice a little in terms of quality - the power supply is NOT one of them.

Having driven this lesson home (hopefully), you're now left with the tedious task of figuring out what's blown and what's good. A failing power supply has the capability of taking out the motherboard, cpu, gpu, ram, and drives. So literally you need to tear everything down and begin testing, because chances are from what you described, you either have a toasted component somewhere, or your "substitute" power supply isn't providing enough power.

Some more info, such as what model was your old PSU, the new PSU, and what your system specs are might be helpful.