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Question my pc gets hard reset while playing games


Nov 6, 2017
whenever i play games my pc gets hard reset ,
i try to run heaven benchmark then my gpu temprature gets upto 90c i run test about 1 hour but my pc not shut down
then i run cinebench then my cpu tem gets upto 78c but then also my pc not shutdown
but when i play games (csgo , farcry 5 ) my pc gets shutsdown after abot 15 to 30 min
and also when i play casual games it not get shut down :)
max cpu tem while gaming is 80c
max gpu tem while gaming is 85c
i search for even viewer and watch it says "kernal power id41"
and in log summary there is "log name : windows power shell"
in error tab :event id3 kernal event tracing
please help me guys
also right now i dont have money so changing hardware isent an option .

my specs
1tb wd blue hard drive main(system )
1tb wd green hard drive
gpu : rx 470
cpu : i5 3570
psu : 500watt. ( chinese brand i purchase for 2000rupees (27$) but reviews were good )
ram : kingston 4*2 ddr3 1600mhz
os : windows 10 pro latest
motherboard : zebronics h61 ( i wanted to update bios but there are none )

i update my cpu drives gpu drivers audio drives all drives

i am so frustrated :{