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Question My PC gets randomly stuck with black screen

Jun 2, 2020
Hello, I have a problem that is constantly appearing these days, my PC is beginning to be useless.

The problem is the next one: My PC, specially when playing games, gets stucked ¿How? It's like im playing and suddenly the displays turns black, it doesn't turn off, just black. Today for instance, it has already happened 4 times. After getting stucked, it makes a noise, the last one before it got stuck, forever until I turn it off.
There is also the problem that almost always, I have to turn it on twice or three times or else the display won´t turn on, but I think about that as another problem.

My PC has:

CPU: AMD A10 7870-K.
GPU: RX-560.
RAM: 8 Gb.
1 Tb HDD and 120 Gb SSD (Windows is in the SSD).

Now, knowing that the problem comes usually (but not always) when im playing, I thought that it could be a temperature issue, in fact, when I play games like GTA V, my CPU's temperature is between 75°C and 90°C, but I have that temperature a while ago, and this problem began like 2 weeks ago, but it seems to be getting worse, first it was one time a day as much, but today it happened 4.

Every part of the PC, except for the video card and the SSD (with 1 and a half and 1 year respectively) are almost 5 years old. I also noticed that my power supply makes a weird noise sometimes when I turn it on, but I read that it may be due to the fan, and after a minute more or less the noise fades out, but im not certain if the power supply in fact is able to fully resist my PC + the video card and the SSD, so im also considering it to be a possible cause for the problem. The power supply is not very good, it is 500W, so theorically it should resist, but im not convinced hehe.

So, this is as much as I can say, any possible solution or help? Thank you.

Phillip Corcoran

I've never heard of that brand of PSU, so it has to be cheap, poor quality I suspect. So that could well be the cause of your problem, and in any case it should be changed because it's definitley not helping matters.

PSU wattage isn't the only important factor --- brand matters.

You need to be looking at decent brands like Corsair, Seasonic, EVGA etc.