Question My PC has been freezing and lagging in games that I used to never lag in.

May 6, 2020
The screen freezes, as well as the audio. Everything freezes while the PC is still running. I have been getting random freezes for the past year and a half, but I did not think anything of it since they would happen once every few months. Now they happen everyday, and even happened while I was writing this. I thought the problem was my bios needing an update, but I updated and it wasn’t that. Then I thought it was my hard drive as I saw it was always using 99% of it, but I cleaned it up and it wasn’t that. Now I seem to be lagging on games like CSGO where I used to get over 120 FPS on, now I barely get a constant 30 or 40. The only way I can prevent my PC from crashing now is if I have a game open. It seems that if I have a big enough game open, my PC won’t crash. But it won’t work for easy games, such as an old Assassins Creed game for example. Here are my specs.