My pc has been having freezing issues.


May 22, 2016
My pc (win 10) has been having freezing issues. I have a SSD for boot and a few HDD for storage. A few hours ago, I resetted my PC due to freezing and it succeeded. Afterwards, it worked fine but one of the HDD was running slowly/weirdly (some folders were inaccessible while others are). Tried to dskchk but ended abruptly an freezing started again. Tried to reset pc but it even froze there at 41% (spinning dots not spinning). Windows suddenly said undoing changes and went back to destop while freezing persists. Confused I tried it again but now it froze at 8% and same thing happened. Help?

It seems like a problem with the HDD for your storage. Please do try to remove the HDD and leave just the SSD and observe if the same problem will persist. If your PC will work just fine without the HDD that confirms it that it's indeed the HDD that is faulty.
Hi there Laptop_Nerd,

I would agree with Laptop_Nerd. There's a chance that the drive is failing.
The first thing you need to do is to back up the data stored on it. After that, you can just test it with some brand specific(or third party one) testing tool that can provide a SMART report.
My guess would be that there are some bad sectors on the drive. If this is the case and the drive is under warranty, you can just RMA it.

D_Know_WD :)

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